My take on Alan Rusbridger’s “Queen Mary Talk

My take on Alan Rusbridger’s

“Queen Mary Talk”


I believe that Alan Rusbridger was correct in his vision of a new policy for journalists in the reporting of accurate articles on many different subjects by using free online technology like and others. One cannot object to the price, as it is free, and there are many well informed people that use blog-sites to further their knowledge of a topic, and to disseminate said information to millions of website bloggers. Many of these bloggers are professionals in their fields, and can provide guidance when a blogger is wrong by providing him with the correct up to date information on that particular topic. It is a win-win situation for all.

The information may come from eye-witness accounts of what actually happened at a scene, often disproving false information put out either to deceive the civilian masses, or to draw attention from the real issue at hand. In the past many journalists had a false sense of their own expertise, and put themselves up on pedestals as the supreme authorities on a topic. Journalists often were oblivious to the advantages of listening to the common people, and learning about relatively new technologies, such as,, and a myriad of other online sources, which are available to anyone with internet access and a computer. These new tools can cut down on shoe leather wear due to countless hours tracking down physical sources, time, and best of all, the costs to do so! Learning to incorporate these free sources into the traditional job of reporters and journalists can mean the local newspapers can stay in business. Learning to use these afore-mentioned tools may not be easy for some of us, but will certainly benefit us in the future.


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