Fresh Is Best

Fresh Is Best

In the world of food, the fresher the better it is for our consumption. In many countries throughout the world the shopper does not have the convenience of storing food over many days. Instead, the shopper buys food for one day and the family consumes the food in that day. The advantage to this mode of shopping is that the food is grown locally, contains almost no preservatives, and there is no pre-processing to speak of. The vegetables were grown by local farmers, without synthetic fertilizers or chemical insecticides, picked today and sold today. The meat products are raised locally, and butchered by your neighborhood butcher last night or this morning. The keywords to remember here are all-natural, chemical-free and sustainable. An overall winning combination for the consumer, which provides maximum nutrients, and vitamins, which in turn, equates to substantial benefits for one’s good health, lower food costs, and sustainability, which protects the entire eco-system.

When considering the benefits to one’s health, one must realize that there are many chemical additives placed in commercially processed foods, which are actually harmful to one’s overall health. Today’s commercially processed foods contain excessive amounts of sugar, in all forms, dextrose, fructose, and even High Fructose Corn Syrup [HFCS]. It is no far stretch to connect these forms in our diets to the high increase of diabetes in many Americans today. They appear in a magnitude of commercially processed foods. It is startling to find sugars, and forms thereof, in foods, which the consumer would never think of putting in a particular dish, but they are in it anyway, whether it appears on the list of ingredients or not. And for the consumer who is weight conscious, one has saccharine and aspartame, both trick the body into believing it is getting the sugar it so craves. Salt, originally used to naturally preserve foods, is also used to excess by many Americans today, which has been shown by medical researchers to lead to high blood pressure, and coronary heart disease. It appears in our canned foods, even our frozen vegetables! What are advertised to be a “healthy choice,” many times turns out to be a contributing factor to one’s early demise. Today, commercially processed foods even contain artificially enhanced flavors, which are a chemical cocktail of chemicals used to make things taste as they would in nature.

The “Slow Foods” campaign is an excellent concept to help people worldwide to better their health, as well as the eco-systems of the planet. There are springing up in many urban settings, small community gardens, which are producing good quality foods, which are not exposed to chemicals and non-organic fertilizers. The message is clear; mankind needs to take the steps necessary to enhance our lives one small step at a time. Take that step to improve our world, you deserve it!


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