Why Not Grant Amnesty?

Why Mexican Immigration Reform Is Needed Now

America today is in need of Immigration Reform to help itself out of financial deficit to the tune of nine trillion U.S. dollars. The reason to grant amnesty for the illegal Mexican immigrants residing in the United States at this time is to turn them into U.S. taxpayers. At this time Mexican Illegal Immigrants are paid under the table by employers at a lower pay scale than American workers, and are not paying taxes for the services provided to them by the U.S. Government through taxes levied on legal American citizens. Turning illegal Mexican immigrants into legal Mexican immigrant taxpayers would increase their wages, and go a considerable distance towards paying off a good portion of this incredible national debt the U.S. Government has accumulated.

Legal status would alleviate considerable emotional stress derived from detention and deportation of persons not holding legal paperwork. It would also help families to maintain family cohesion, and build opportunities for family members in the future. This step would go a long way towards the lessening of the prevalence of psychosocial impediments (clinical depression and other psychological disorders), which today exist and are being treated at legal United States taxpayer’s expense.

The commitment to taking such a path would build stronger communities and lessen criminal activity in our cities throughout the United States, where Mexican populations reside. These criminal activities are alleged to being perpetrated by illegal Mexican immigrants, but it may also be in part due to racist scapegoating. There is one thing for certain; the Mexican immigrant communities are growing in size. Currently the Mexican population is the largest Hispanic/Latino minority group in the continental United States. Why not use this fact to the United States’ advantage?


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