The Mexican coworker

The Illegal Mexican Immigrant

In the American Workplace



            The hardworking illegal Mexican immigrant is indeed a wonder to work with, and should be allowed to have a valid visa to work in the United States.  I have had the privilege to work with several in my own unskilled worker lifetime, and found no problems with their work ethic. They arrive on time and do not miss work days. They work exceptionally hard from when they clock in and continue to do so until their work shift ends. A more hard-charging group of workers would be hard to match in any other ethnic group. Their demeanor was always friendly and cooperative, no matter how hard the task assigned. I felt privileged to work with them, because I always knew they would as hard as I did on my shift and I knew that they would not complain. What more could any employer ask for in a worker?

            The problem was keeping the illegal workers without proper documentation. A bureaucratic mandate to fire them if they could not produce Social Security cards within two weeks of hire. Who really lost in such a situation? Was it the company owner or the immigrant? The answer is obviously both of them! Hard-workers are difficult to find, and they put out a quality product that any company owner would proudly proclaim to be one of his own. The company owner and the union representing his workers were the real losers! In all fairness to the company owners I worked for; there was no discrepancy between what I made and what the Mexican laborers were being paid. Fair pay, for all, was the company’s attitude.

            I can honestly say that I was very sorry to lose a co-worker that was a match for me on the job! I believed in putting out a quality product and so did my illegal Mexican workmates, and felt at a loss when they were let go. I told them I was sorry to lose them as co-workers as well as personal friends, and wished them well! It is my sincerest hope that they eventually became legal in the sight of the massive bureaucracy known now as the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.



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