Disagreement over Hispanic Immigration Reform



The issue of possible Immigration Reform looms heavily throughout American society, and could decide who our next President will be. Be assured whomever is chosen will have the Hispanic voting block to thanked for it. Being the second largest minority and heading for the title of largest minority group in America, Hispanics have the pivotal and loudest issue of Immigration Reform to ensure that America does not close its’ border with Mexico. For as many bloggers, newspapers, and periodicals to address the issue, it must be of extreme importance to the United States of America, to settle sooner rather than later. 

To deny that there exist a highly dangerous criminal element that of drug shipments of illegal controlled substances arriving in some Mexican and also American cities along the border is futile. As for the criminal crossing the border illegally, I am not certain that there should not be an alteration of the present law, which now makes anyone that crosses the border without legal documentation automatically a criminal. It takes an extreme amount of courage to do so, for at times there are circumstances, which make the crossing a matter of life and death for the perpetrators. Joblessness and threats of drug cartel smugglers are an ever present danger to the Mexican illegal immigrants’ lives.

There also exist the possibility that other members of their family are already living in the U.S., and in the absence of a quicker streamlined method of procurement of legal documentation, they are forced into breaking the laws of the complex system in place to reunite in America. Many of our lawmakers claim to advocate stronger enforcement procedures by local, state, and federal officials in defense of the existing immigration and naturalization legislation. Several states have already proposed arbitrary traffic stops under the guise of minor infractions, that a Caucasian person would not be stopped for, let alone be detained in a jail on the border awaiting deportation. I guess the law should be reviewed and updated to fit in with our modern day to day lives. Productive Hispanic members of our society should be allowed to stay. The question is can the American voter accept current logic attached to the matter? Let us all examine our hearts and   motives concerning this volatile set of circumstances. 


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