Poverty Rising among Non-documented Mexican Immigrants

Poverty High for

The Non-documented

Mexican Immigrant



Not much of a surprise for the majority of concerned citizens of the United States! In fact, the Chicago tribune ran an article called “Regaining ground, but with more to make up.” It states that “other recent research says that there are more Latino children in poverty than any other group right now in the nation . . .” This is just one of the many articles that connect the undocumented Mexican (Latino) population with the low socio-economic symptom of poverty within the United States today.

When the subject of poverty rears its ugly head, one immediately looks to the poorest of the poor, namely the ethnic groups that have crossed the American border with Mexico. The largest group of which are native Mexicans by birth. What can one do when he/she finds the joblessness situation and poverty in their homeland unbearable? It should come as no surprise that Mexican families might find migration to a more prosperous area a real necessity for the survival of the family.

Granted not all non-documented Mexicans which cross the border illegally are virtuous individuals. Every ethnicity has its criminal element. Persons of Western European lineage have more than their fair share of convicted criminals sitting in U.S. correctional institutions, along with persons of every other ethnicity. How much of this criminal activity is attributed from living in poverty? No one can give an absolute answer to this query, not the state or federal government that is a certainty. One might say well according to the most recent United States Census statistics it is this many individuals. However, undocumented immigrants in the U.S. do not always come out of hiding to be counted, being afraid of showing up on the I.C.E. list of undocumented charts. So, the Governmental figures are rarely accurate and apparently nothing can be done about it. It is a foregone conclusion that the poverty rates will continue to rise for non-documented Mexican families as more and more are arriving daily.


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