The Intention t…

The Intention to Break Up

Illegal Mexican Immigrant Families


As a result of my research I have come across very little about the efforts to separate parents of naturalized Mexican-American children, but I am convinced that it happens extremely often due to the efforts of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (I.C.E.), a department under the auspices of the Department of Homeland Security. I say this, because at least one of the parents, sometimes both parents is an undocumented Mexican immigrant. The offspring born in the U.S. are automatically citizens of the United States. Sometimes they can be placed with a legal Mexican American family, hopefully a close relative and rarely are they allowed immigrating to Mexico with their birth parents. Of course, that means a separation of siblings to foster homes, sometimes different foster homes, with the intention of adoption by suitable American couples. One must ask whether this is a suitable resolution to the problem of how to adequately care for the well- being of the children, especially ones that are old enough to understand what is being perpetrated upon them and anger issues henceforth.

The Child Protective Service system does in the majority of cases honestly attempt to insure that the foster homes are adequate for the needs of the children.  The case workers are genuinely concerned that placement of these children is advantageous for a successful transition to American life. In the cases of very young children, many are adopted by American couples that cannot conceive children of their own naturally. These children are the luckiest group, while elder children are often not adopted, but will remain in foster-care until they reach sufficient age to strike out on their own.

 In conclusion, at the age of majority many of these children have lost almost all of their ability to speak the Mexican Spanish dialects, and feel lost between two worlds, not knowing to which they truly belong. Many have adopted an alternate mode of speech, known as Spanglish, which is a combination of both American and Mexican Spanish dialects. If ever they visited Mexico, or any Spanish speaking country, a majority of the people would not understand them, due to the adulteration of Mexican Spanish dialects. They look Mexican, but are not fully accepted by the Mexican population. 


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