The Inevitable Crossing

The Inevitable Crossing

Why does the United States continue to bother with deporting the same individuals over and over again? Has it not yet become clear that Illegal Mexican Immigrants will find their way back after being deported at high cost to the American taxpayer, practically each and every time caught? The real expense is not allowing them to stay; with many whom believe The United States, to be their rightful homeland; often times actually having been born in the United States. “The New York Times journalist, Damien Cave, visited and interviewed one such individual in the city of Agua Prieta, Mexico. The border-crosser had a wife, an American son, and three brothers still living in the U.S.A., and vowed to get back to them by any means possible.”

It stands to reason that once in the U.S.A., Mexican people will see the difference in how much better they can survive, and create a prosperous lifestyle for their families, providing a top quality education for their children and, later, maybe even them-selves. Eventually, even Rome saw that those whom they had called “barbarians” wanted to be able to live like the Romans lived, which accounted for the wars upon Rome itself.

Many Mexicans today, want what Americans enjoy. Our lawmakers today can alleviate the distress by creating new Immigrant streamlining of the legal process, making the paperwork, less intimidating, less costly, and more expeditious for Mexicans with no criminal records in Mexico. Those, whom truly desire to be upstanding taxpaying citizens of the United States, should be allowed to do so, and be encouraged by all to take that first small step. By eliminating the tag criminal,” to cross United States Border without proper documentation, these good people would not be classified as criminals, and could greatly contribute to our country.


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