The Perils of Detention



One comment on “The Perils of Detention

  1. Looking at these persons awaiting deportment is an eye opening experience. If only they were guilty of a violent crime, such as murder or drug trafficking with intent to sell the drugs for the Mexican drug cartels, hurting men, women and children in the process, I could feel justified in holding them. Criminals belong in jails, not persons guilty of only trying to better themselves and their families by illegally crossing the U.S.- Mexico border. It is in desperation that they do so in many cases.
    If an illegal Mexican immigrant breaks the law (other than merely crossing the border) while he is residing here, he should be sent to detention/deportment camps, and flown back to the state from which he emigrated. The United States can use honest, law-abiding immigrants willing to work hard and teach their children right from wrong. Here in the U.S. that chance is attainable with persistence. Immigration Reform is needed desperately and with bipartisan cooperation can be achieved. #D600 & #Immigration Reform

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