The Long Fight for Racial Equity

The Long Fight for

Racial Equity

In the United States today, the fight for a comprehensive immigration reform is either going to finally be passed in the U.S. Congress or delegated to the circular file of failed attempts at leveling the playing field for those  not of European descent. It appears to be, and let’s be honest, another form of racial discrimination. The darker the color of one’s skin– the more inequity and scapegoat-ism one will experience. One example of this was found in the hiring of 6500 Intel employees by issuing visas to “Irish” workers, not blacks, or non-documented Mexican workers, who were already here. If a real show of non-racial prejudice were to be found, it has not shown itself in the news articles recently.

A show of racial equity would be in the reform of present immigration laws, allowing full amnesty for non-documented immigrants already living here in the United States. This reform would issue current non-documented immigrants with a combination driver’s license/work visa for one year. This show of good faith on the U.S. Government’s part would not be one-sided, but would come with the stipulation that they register with locally appointed officials appointed by the Immigration and Custom’s Enforcement (I.C.E.), within one month of passage of the Reform Law, and that they do not commit any form of violent crime. The ability to put their children into our public schools, [all State schools and Universities] at in-state rates of tuition and access to health care for their families, job training for the non-educated workers without jobs, and a non-discriminatory attitude toward all. Also, and the most important part, they must attain United States Citizenship within three years.

What’s in it for us? Populations of U.S. citizens that are finally convinced that their government offers free and impartial care for “all” its citizens, without regard to the color of


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