Racial Discrimination in California Schools

Racial Discrimination

And Non-White Immigration:

Is There A Tie Between the Two?

Racial discrimination is alive and well in the public schools of California! In a study done, by Lindsey Perez Huber of the University of California at Los Angeles, of forty interviews conducted with twenty undocumented Latinas, and twenty United States born Latinas, on the subject of “white dominance” over “people of color” within the school system by teacher’s discourses in school classrooms (Huber, 379-401). Think about racial discrimination in our society today and you probably would be apt to say that there is no such thing, but there is still an air of superiority and dominance attached to being a white person.

This is especially true in public schools in the State of California! Children of color, especially Latinas/Latinos are treated differently from their white cohorts. The manner in which non-whites are addressed, politely, but with condescension, and taught to be subservient to their white teachers and classmates, any white person for that matter. It was as if every Latina/Latino was illegally in the United States.

In California schools, if you do not speak perfect English, you are looked down upon by your peers and instructors alike, because “the only right language to speak is English. Without fluency in English, future opportunities are not likely to be forthcoming. The real distinction comes with your appearance; if you look Latino/Latina you are labeled a Mexican Immigrant forever in the eyes of the white authorities, even if you were born in the United States. Even if your ancestors had been here for countless generations” (Macedo, et al, 2003).

Is there truly an underlying prejudice against California’s non-white students? I firmly believe that there is and that it exists not only in California but all across the United States. It is irrational, unfair and stigmatizing to the millions of non-whites citizens who are forced to ignore the almost undetectable discriminatory actions of America’s white population toward their non-white neighbors. It is time to put aside the racial prejudice as it has no place in a nation of immigrants of all colors. Each of us has a role to play in the neighborhoods we live in, workplaces, and the future of our nation, no matter what the color of our skin.


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